My wife and I have been through 3 babies. They’re all young adults now.

While I didn’t have a DSLR during those times, we did try to document their early years using instamatic-type film cameras.

Times have changed and now with DSLR’s, one can keep shooting until you drop dead. Or your memory card gets filled up. Or your battery gives up. Whichever comes first. ;)

And so, not that it was unexpected, we recently became grandparents (gosh!) with our first grandchild.

And the baby shooting has resumed.

Yeah, things have gone around full circle.

Photographing newborn babies is difficult for the simple reason that at this stage, the infant is asleep. Most of the time. Not much facial expressions there. And the eyes and face are all puffed up. And when awake, the (yet) unseeing eyes go in all directions which may not look good aesthetically in your final photos.

We are advised to zoom in for extreme close ups to get the tiny details.

Get establishing shots, to include elements that would give a sense of scale and size comparison to show how small the baby is.

Keep on shooting – you never know when the baby would break into a sudden smile.

And, yes, don’t forget the parents. The Lola, too! hehe ;)

So, okay, let me try taking baby pictures once again…

Here’s baby Kenji at one day old…


And 3 weeks later…






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