It’s fiesta time once again in Tacloban and the city is bustling with all kinds of pre-fiesta activities – from nightly gigs at the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Park, the Balyuan Park and at the Tacloban Convention Center to all other activities at the mall and other commercial centers.

Fireworks display at the opening of the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival Park. View more photos.

Aside from the nightly band gigs, BBQ & beer parties, there’s the carnival, the usual beauty tilts, fairs of all kinds, photo exhibits, tribal festivals, etc.

Buried beneath all the numerous festival activities and commercialism are the religious and church-related fiesta activities – the underlying core and reason for being of this annual fiesta celebration.

Hence for this year’s fiesta, we have decided to document also the various church-related fiesta activities, starting with Pre-Balyuan, to Balyuan Rites, and to the religious activities on June 29 (Vesper’s Mass) and on Fiesta Day, June 30 (Pontifical Mass, Fluvial Parade and Land Procession.)

Pre-Balyuan Rites, 18 June 2010, Basey, Samar

The Tacloban and the Basey Sto. Niño images are brought to the old church in Brgy. Buscada, Basey, Samar from where the story of the Tacloban Sto. Niño devotion all began when Tacloban was still a barrio of Basey.


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