There’s this aqua-adventure nature park in Davao del Norte where one gets to enjoy all kinds of water sports activities plus a “walk” high up in the trees!

It’s called the Maxima Aqua Fun and Canopy Walk Tours located in Samal Island – officially called the Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS, for short – just across Davao City.

Maxima Aqua Fun is where you’ll find the “Abyss” and the “Super Drop” – two giant water slides, among the longest in the country today – and Canopy Walk Tours.

Here’s the Abyss and the Super Drop giant water slides… you climb up, sit at the starting edge as instructed, say your prayers and go! 7-8 seconds later you are jettisoned out into the sea! (lifeguards are there awaiting hehe)



Below, the Canopy Walk…

At the end of the line, you “rappel” down…


For more info, contact Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours (053)321-7966 & (053)523-7966



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