I am a full-blooded Taclobanon but all my life I have never witnessed with my own eyes the Tacloban  Sto. Niño Fluvial Procession.

This happens in the afternoon of the Feast Day of Sto. Niño – the Tacloban Fiesta katungtungan on the 30th of June.

Around 1:00PM, El Capitan is brought down from his throne at the retablo of the Sto. Niño Parish Church in preparation for the fluvial parade.

After a brief  final once-over of the image and photo-taking for documentation purposes, El Capitan is swiftly taken out of the church and mounted on a pedestal of a pick-up truck then briskly brought by a motorcade to the Tacloban Port Area. There the image is placed on a higher pedestal on board Boat No. 1, the lead boat of the fluvial procession.

The flotilla is joined by other watercraft of all kinds and sizes, from small motorized bancas and large commercial fishing boats to jet skis and speedboats.

With the El Capitan leading the procession, the flotilla headed first towards San Juanico Bridge, went under it then circled around heading towards Tacloban City proper, then on to Cancabato Bay and around it, then back to the Tacloban Port.

It was a totally exhilarating personal experience for me, to say the least.

Simply awesome.

For those Taclobanons and other Warays who have never witnessed this Tacloban Fiesta traditional procession in the sea, I hope the photos here convey the drama and magnificence of the event.

El Capitan rocks! :)


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