Here’s a couple of photos taken on the side around Cebu City during the Sinulog Festival 2011…

Colon St: The oldest street in the Philippines.

What’s going on?! The little one peeps out and wanders what the commotion outside is all about…

A member of the San Diego Dance Company hurrying up for a Sinulog number.

At the Cebu International Convention Center: guests rushing in and out.

At the Radisson Blu: Sunshine peeping thru on a mostly overcast and drizzling day.

Flooded streets threaten to isolate fruit vendors.

It’s fiesta time! Here comes the lechon!

It’s fiesta time, come rain or shine!

Grilled sweet corn, anyone?

It’s not Cha-cha – it’s the Sinulog dance! A foreign guest tries out the routine number.

Hidden much from the public view, the military maintains subtle presence at a side street, ready just in case…

The president’s podium being set up with the seal of the President of the Philippines assures those within viewing distance the president is indeed coming.

Without much fanfare, President Noynoy Aquino joins the crowd at the grandstand to witness the start of the parade.

With the president around, the Presidential Security Guard made doubly sure the Russian-made Zenit SLR was indeed a working camera.

Best of both worlds: a Canon-Nikon photography buff.

A gloomy day ahead before start of the parade at the Cebu Sports Complex.

Cebu City gears up for the night onslaught by thousands of Sinulog guests.



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