As I mentioned in an earlier post, we couldn’t help it but head on to Kalanggaman during the Holy Week summer break.

The  family and I have been enchanted by this tiny jewel of an islet.

We love its remoteness, its natural, undeveloped, “uncommercial” state. And although there are a few picnic kiosks, a common cooking facility and public restrooms, there are no ‘theme park’ developments in the islet.

We are not really the type who yearn for a modern mall nor chic restos/bars/cafes by the beach.

It was Holy Week so when we arrived, all the kiosks were already taken despite an earlier reservation we made with the Palompon LGU which manages the place. But not to worry, many were not planning to stay overnight so by mid afternoon, we already had our kiosks and had 4 tents set-up, enough to accommodate us all.


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