calle Z cafés  "Humble Beginnings" - showcases early snapshots of what calle looked like when it
started, the then newly-constructed main pavilion wing, outdoor area with umbrellas and the
air-conditioned wing.

Rest cursor over each picture for the captions.
Where it all started - by the road side
Signage with the ever-present lizard
Officers of the Rotary Clubs of San Juanico, Kandaya & Tacloban in a huddle at the old by-the-road café
Bembem, Lloyd and Ludette at the old cashier area
Rotary Club Presidents Boy Mayor, Gerry Ruiz and Tata Martin with club officers in a fellowship planning
The then newly-constructed main pavilion wing
Espie and Eddie at the old convenience store
Newly-constructed pavilion wing, March 2002
Paolo and Nani
Cashiers Marcia and Maribel
Inner Wheel Club of San Juanico officers' meeting at the new airconditioned wing. From left: Carmen, Ayreen, Zosie, Dayay, Ludette, Rose and Helly
Butch, Jun Cap, Buddy and Richard
Outdoor area with the umbrellas
View of the main wing and outdoor areas
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Humble beginnings
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