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Tex Almeria, Dag, Melvin & Boy
Tex, Boy, Dag & Melvin
Nani's birthday
Nani & friends
Lito Tuang & co.
Ruben Yu & friend
Nani & friends
Nani & friends
Nani's birthday
Nani & friends
UK Lily band w/ friends
Manfred, Chung Lee, William, Stef, Thomas & Gerry
Simon & date
Dice & K9 band after their Oct 20 gig at RTR Plaza
Butch & Apple
Pilita & friends
Richanne's birthday!
Ludette, Helly & Rose
Fleda & friends
Dice & K9
Bobby & Cecille Aguilos, Melaine & company
Andy Araos
PETA & Teatro Colegio guys after their show at HRDC
Atchap & Maricor
Mae Delgado & friends
Bayantel guys
PETA guys hit town
Mel, Don, Sim & Wen Soledad
Marianne & company
Monsgr Ramon & grp
W/ the Soledad's
Nani & friend
Chelsea, Andy & Brett Araos
Hecky & Rowena Cloma (right) w/ Flot Tampil & Gerry
Junjun & friends
Nani's friends
A clearer view of the friendly Chinese cashier! hehe
Danny & Domi Timonera w/ Nestor & Gerry
Joel, Umbert & Ludette
Tata & Wednesday Montejo w/ Ludette
Nani & friends
Danny Timonera & family
Jun Giron, Willy Uyvico & Boy Amor
Bobby Aguilos & company
Noreen's bday
Danny Timonera & family
Dennis Mateo & friends
Julita Mayor Raagas (right) & company
Eddie Uy & company
Benjie & company
Nestor Dolina & company
Mayor Boy Mortera & company
Ronnie Yutangco w/ Dennis, Faro et al
Deuwen Jaro & company
Cecille & Ludette
Faro Mandreza & company
Eugene Sabarre, Marti Ruiz & Ludette
Chito Uy, Don Dolina & Nestor
Sarge Garrido & company
George, Karen & heir apparent
Uncle Umbert, Miki, Hanhan, Marti & Ludette
Bebot & Waway
Edgar & friends
Ronnie Yu & Jun Uyping
Med reps of Tac
Med reps of Tac
Cecille, Miki & Marti
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