Biri Island Rock Formation, Northern Samar is truly a Gem of the Philippines

The huge, enormous and ancient rock formations, the rocky outcroppings and cliffs, and the giant pounding waves – these are what make Biri one of the most spectacular and picturesque travel sites the Philippines can brag about. Not an understatement.

Biri Island is among a cluster of 18 islands known as Balicuarto Islands off the northernmost tip of Samar. Biri Island is located in the most northerly part, at the San Bernardino Strait which forms the divide between the main Island of Luzon and the Island of Samar. This famous strait is where some 70% of seawater flows in and out of the Visayas area from the mighty Pacific Ocean so you can just imagine how ferocious the tidal current is in these areas.

Since the beginning of time Biri Island has been subjected to mighty pounding by natural forces – by strong typhoons and currents from the vast Pacific Ocean. Nature’s wrath has resulted in the incredible natural scenery that is now found in Biri. It is here where one can find one of the world’s most amazing natural rock formations.

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